Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Craft 1


This is one of two boats made for Peter and his friends. It’s a small version and can be made with or without the sail or end-seat insert – though with both it does look rather cute. it’s more sturdy than the bigger boat if you want to use it for games.

I will be using the boats template printout which is available by clicking on this first image, it contains both boat templates so if you want instructions for page 2 then see this post HERE. it can be printed on thin card-stock or scrapbook paper, but for the demonstration I’ve left it on plain white.

You will need scissors, glue or double sided tape or stickytape, a pin, and a wooden toothpick
A4 paper templates


Cut out around the perimeter of the shapes with normal scissors, if you want to make a simpler boat then cut off the tabs for glue and use sticky tape.
Before you put anything together take your pin and push it through the middle of each X, if you are working with small children you can do this before they cut the shapes out. if you don’t do this you will have difficulty passing the toothpick through the paper.
Fold everything, all the folds go the same way and the whole thing is reversible so it’s pretty tough to get it wrong!
This is what the back of the boat looks like. it’s basic sticking down. The end attaches to the sides. The bar folds first one way and attaches to the opposite side and then becomes doubled up from the other side. Don’t worry if it’s arched upwards, it’s just a support for the sail and doesn’t need to be flat.
Now comes the tricky bit, normally you would finish the boat and then add in the end piece, but to show you how it fits I’ve done it this way.
The two tabs on the seat insert need to attach to the bottom of the boat. Line the first tab up with the end point and stick.
Repeat with the other side, this is actually easier when the boat is made because you can slide the pieces through the slot made my the sides and base – but this is clearer to see!
Now put some glue on the thin little tab on the end of the seat, and glue it down. The flap goes right besides the edge tabs – just a hint!
Here is the same view zoomed out a bit with the glue tab turned down, can you see how it mimics the shape of the boat.
Whether you attached the edges earlier or if you are doing it now the boat should end up looking a bit like this.
Push the toothpick through the x’s on the sail, try not to fold the sail as you do this. This is easy if you work gently.
Carefully push the longer end through the bar on the boat, the two x’s should have lined up on the bar to make this easy.
Your finished boat should easily fit in a child’s hand, and can easily be pushed across a flat surface with a little breeze.




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