Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 1


Zipporah meets Moses at an interesting point in his life, she sees him through his act of chivalry, and yet the man she meets is broken, on the run. This act of chivalry is what is depicted in this craft, it’s a really simple foldable that helps the kids focus on the story and retell it to others.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some colouring materials, a craft knife and the PDF printout. I’d recommend pre-cutting the line and printing the craft in partial or no colour (the colour version is available for a display model or as a story prop)

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in partial colour PDF – 1 page
For printing everything with No colour PDF – 1 page


Colour in your masterpiece first, the partially coloured template already has the background done for you. Once you are done cut out the rectangle.


The only tricky bit is cutting the wavy line around Zipporah – this is fine to do on the day for a small group but preparing it before is the best policy.


Once cut fold the line it intersects so the white sides of the paper touch.


Next take the other end and fold those mean shepherds around the back using the dotted line – again the white sides of the paper touch.


Onto the final fold, this one needs to be folded the opposite way, so the coloured sides of the paper touch and Zipporah blocks the sheep drinking water.


Tell the story by moving between the confrontation and the male shepherds leaving.




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