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Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2


Lots of biblical passages involve truly supernatural acts of wonder, but this story of Zipphorah and Moses is much more down to earth, it’s simplicity makes reenactment a great tool and so this shadow puppet theatre is ideal. This is an ideal small group or pairs activity. Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 The PDF’s prove you with a stage printout and a set of black characters that should be printed onto acetate (this will save hours of cutting), added to that you’ll need some sticks or a second sheet of acetate, scissors, a bright torch, a cardboard tube, some sticky tack and something to support the stage with (a box, some wooden blocks etc).

For printing in stage in colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in stage with no colour PDF – 1 page
For printing black characters PDF – 1 page


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Start by roughly cutting out the characters, it really doesn’t have to be exact.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Take your second acetate sheet and cut a strip for each character. The strips will attach to the characters upwards out of their heads.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Stationary objects can be placed on the floor by folding the spare acetate at the base or attaching to acetate folded in half.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Add your stage to the supports using sticky tack – I’ve used wooden building blocks here but you could use anything you a have on hand or make supports using card.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Position your light on the flat surface at one end of the cardboard tube. Adjust the circle of light to fill the back of the stage area.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 Take the props and start placing them between the light and the stage. It may take a little time to remember how distance makes things change size and focus.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Craft 2 On with the show.



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