Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Games


Zipphorah meets Moses as a wanderer, a runaway, and yet as a man who acts honourably and helps her and her sisters. These games play with the key elements of the story, the runaway, the shepherd life and the well full of water. There is also a make/play post for this lesson (will add link when it arrives)


Wet sheep – If you are blessed with an outdoor area and a warm day this story is a perfect opportunity for water games. Grab a selection of small tables and call them sheep, have the children try and throw each sheep some water. According to age you could add in a scoring system according to which sheep is hit. For those stuck indoors this game works just as well with blue beanbags!


Runaway – Moses had to escape Egypt, and a simple game of tag, or it, or chase would work well as an introduction for this narrative. End the game by sitting for a drink of water to put the kids in Moses shoes.


Which Sister – Print off this game from the Make/Play post. If you played ‘guess who’ as a child then you’ll know exactly how to play.


Pull it up – This is a test of strength using a bucket, rope and pully system. Unless you are blessed with a beam or high wall fixing use a turned up table or even just a chair to throw the rope over. Have the participant lay on the floor and try to pull up the bucket. If they succeed put something in the bucket to simulate water. Talk about how much work raising water for an entire flock would have been.


Sheep separation – (a JWL favourite sheep game) This is a noisy and silly game for a group. Choose 2 herdsmen, and assign them each a colour. Using chairs, or some sort of barriers, make sheep pens. Tell all the other children they must pretend to be sheep, on all fours. If someone comes and stands near them they must turn away from the person. when all the children are on all fours mark their backs with a coloured dot. The herdsmen then need to herd the sheep into the right pen.






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