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Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game


I couldn’t resist adding this little ‘guess who’ inspired game to this lesson on Zipporah and her seven sisters. It’s a simple print and go game and is great for getting to know the characters. Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game The PDF has 3 pages, print them all out. All you’ll need is some scissors to make up your game, but if you are handy with a craft knife that will make it easier.

For printing in colour (or greyscale) PDF – 1 page


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game If you are not blessed with a colour printer then you may want to add a little highlighting of colour to the characters to make them stand out – make sure you do this identically to both boards and the cards.

Then go ahead and cut out all those beautiful little cards.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game We need to cut along only the dotted lines of the game board. A craft knife and safety rule is the obvious choice but lightly folding will also allow you to make an opening slit.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game Fold all those little flaps upright and set up your game.


Zipporah (Exodus 2) | Game Shuffle the character cards and lay them face down on the table. Each player chooses one card and places it on their dark box face down (they can check it anytime, if they need). Take it in turns to ask yes/no questions – is it a man, are they wearing a belt, do they have a stick etc. Until the character is revealed.



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