Boaz (Ruth 4) | Craft 1


This story has a lot of parts and this craft is a great way to review each. I love working with acetate to create layers. Be sure to buy the correct acetate for your printer. The back of this craft also has questions and prompts to discuss once you’ve finished!


The pdf for this craft has 2 pages, be careful to print both pages at the same scale. Each child will need a copy of page 1 on paper or card, and half of page 2. Add to the printout – scissors, sticky tape, and a craft knife.

Please note: the acetate is only available in colour, print in grey-scale if needed. Also this craft does not have glue tabs.

For printing in Colour PDF – two pages
For printing background with no ColourPDF – one page


If you’ve chosen to print without colour then go and add some colour to the paper/card piece. Then start cutting : Carefully cut the acetate sheet along the black lines so you have 2 thin strips. From the paper/card cut out the two arrow shapes and the viewer.


Remove the two thin rectangles on the viewer using a craft knife.


Fold the viewer along the lines to form a triangle. Secure with a piece of sticky tape.


Attach both of the arrows to the ends of the acetate using sticky tape.


Thread the acetate and arrows through the slits. It’s quite a snug fit!

The craft is complete, just line up the pictures using the clue on the back. Then answer the question!

Make this craft shorter by printing in colour, easier by pre cutting the slits, or safer by using scissors for the slits not a craft knife.





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