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Boaz (Ruth 4) | Game


These cards are always fun and so versatile! This little flip card ‘match up’ game is perfect for quiet play, basic craft or an extension activity. It features period relevant shoes not modern shapes which could lead to discussions about comfort and protection.

Includes 1 card of Boaz holding a shoe, 1 card of Ruth, and 7 sets of shoes.
(Ruth and Boaz are a match for each other!)
Boaz (Ruth 4) | Game


Boaz (Ruth 4) | Game Print out the pdf on as heavy paper / card as your printer can manage. The backs have no lines so there is no chance of not lining up the printer correctly! If you don’t want to use the back design at all you can leave them blank or print on thick scrapbook paper. For thicker cards print on separate pages and sandwich the two with a piece of card between.

To use as craft / extension activity print without colour and have them colour them in!

For printing in Colour PDF – 2 pages
For printing with no Colour PDF – 2 pages



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  1. Thank you for being sooo faithful in giving Bible Teachers aids to help children (and adults – I am sure) understand God’s Word!!! What fun and how creative – I praise God for you!!

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