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Boaz (Ruth 4) | Games


The story of Boaz and Ruth contains a few details that are both common and yet very significant. The idea of claiming, the importance of shoes, and the companionship of marriage are all themes found in the following game suggestions.


Walking shoes – This game works best with younger children and those with smaller feet. You’ll need a pile of adult shoes and a basic start and end line. Split the shoes into 2 piles (one from each pair) and have the kids take turns ‘walking’ the shoes from the start to the end line. Each child can take up to 4 shoes per turn (hands and feet) but each must walk across the floor, no carrying.

Boaz (Ruth 4) | Games

Match cards – Head over to this post and print out some flip and match card especially for this lesson. The set contains 7 sets of shoes alongside one Boaz card and one Ruth card… because they obviously made a pair!


Claim – This game illustrates the notion of claiming. Place a selection of containers on the table behind the children. Explain that each container represents a task, but don’t reveal which task is assigned to which container. Give each child 3 tokens to place in the container of their choice. Reveal the first task and randomly chose a token from the container. Now stop the game and explain that the person can claim the task or reject it… if they reject it then you will chose the next token. They can not change their minds. As you play make the positive and negative mixed – they must wear a stupid hat for 10 minutes, but the hat contains a piece of candy.

Sleepy Boaz – Play two games of sleeping lions – the children lay down and if they move then they are out. The first time play as normal but the second time round have everyone remove their socks and shoes. Get creative in ways bare feet may wake you up. A gentle tickle with a feather, fanning them, etc. The last payer could even be woken with an ice-cube!


Puzzle pieces – (repeated from Ruth lesson) Print out the images of Ruth and Boaz then snip them into puzzle pieces. Have the children make the puzzle before the story to introduce the characters. Want a longer game – hide the piece s round the room! Talk about uniting people.




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