Boaz (Ruth 4) | Craft 2


Staying with our theme of shoes the last craft for this lesson are these sweet little paper shoes depicting Boaz and Ruth together.

John the baptist paper sandal

If you are looking for a more sandal like craft check out this threaded paper sandal used for the John the baptist lesson. (Image linked)


Print out the pdf. You’ll also need some scissors, glue, and colouring pencils. While the colour template is provided, if you have time this is one of the few crafts I’d recommend printing without colour and letting the kids add their own colour to their shoe.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page.
For printing with no Colour PDF – 1 page.


Unless you have cut the templates before the lesson… Colour before you cut out!

To make it into a shoe cut the one big shape along the outer line. There are a couple of slits in the heel that need to be cut down too!


See all those little glue tabs round the side, fold them over – all but the last 3 closest to the heel.


Fold down each side of the grey sole box and along the dotted lines on the big long tab coming from the heel, this will wrap over the top of the heel later.


Onto the gluing stage. First all those little tabs, they glue to the opposite side of the template to make a pocket. If you want a really smooth edge cut the flaps in 2! Do give it a second to dry before continuing as it gets tricky to glue back later.


Onto the heel! The dotted line shows the limit you can overlap the heel pieces, you don’t need to reach the limit! Add glue to one side and stick them together.


Complete the heel by taking the long thin strip and applying some glue along it. Glue it up over the outside of the heel and wrap the top over the edge.


Your shoe is complete, you may notice it’s for the right foot as the story involved a right shoe. If your kids wish to make one for the left foot too here is a blank template for them!

Blank template PDF – 1 page.




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