Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 1


These Plagues scroll viewers showing Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron looking on, are a great storytelling tool. Simple turn one pole at a time to watch the plagues scroll past in order. All 10 plagues are represented.


As well as the 2 page printout, to make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some sticky tape and something to use as poles. I also used a round punch to make the holes for my poles, it’s not necessary but very helpful.

For printing in full colour PDF – 2 pages


I’ve tried a variety of things as poles in this craft but my favorite turned out to be either round bag clips or infant easy dose syringe. Pens, dowel or plastic pipe would work too, as long as it’s over 10cm (4inches) and sticky tape can attach to it. I’ve used the easy dose syringe in this example, removing the inner plunger.


Start by cutting the viewer.


Before removing the window or pole holes fold. This makes it much easier later on.


Now remove the window. Encourage younger groups to leave a white border around the characters.


Punch or cut holes for your poles. The circles really are only a reminder for this, make the holes the size you need.


Before moving on make sure your poles fit. If you have larger ends you may need to work with the poles inside the frame from now on.


Cut out your scenes, 3 long ones and one short one.


Attach the scenes together to make one very long strip. Tape on both sides.


Attach one end of the strip onto a pole. Do this both sides again. The strip will roll with the picture side face out.


Repeat with the other pole and wrap to look like a scroll – wrapping well now will make the mechanism smoother.


Carefully place your scroll into the viewer if it’s not already there.


Tape the back of the viewer together – you may find this is the one time an extra set of hands helps!





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