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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2


These simple layered pictures of Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron are a quick craft suitable even for very young groups. With the addition of some thick card backing they can also become good storytelling props for the Exodus story. Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, one printout page and some glue. I’d recommend adding a backing page (as pictured) or mounting on thick card.

Choose your template – for a very quick craft print in full colour, otherwise I’d recommend partial colour.

For printing in full colour PDF – 3 pages
For printing in partial colour (for groups who like to colour) PDF – 3 pages
For printing with no colour (for those with no colour printer) PDF – 3 pages


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Cut out the three pieces – it’s fine to leave a white border on this one.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Place onto the backing card and position just lower than the center.

If you are not using a backing card but backing onto thick card do this now.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Add your pieces. For Aaron start with the staff
(did you see the plague icons on it, it was his staff that started the early plagues.)


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Then complete Aaron by adding the hand.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 For Moses start with the beard and hair – note this is the most difficult piece to cut!


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Then complete Moses by adding the staff and hand.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 For Pharaoh start with the collar and arms.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2 Then complete Pharaoh by adding the headdress.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Craft 2



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