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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game


There is a lot of evidence the Pharaoh’s and their people enjoyed table games. Matching images is a lovely simple activity upon which many a game hangs, this classic is dominoes. Two pages of beautifully colourful symbols will give your group plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the plagues and how they must have seemed never ending for the Egyptian people.

Please note : this is not a complete set as it would have been huge, I’ve strategically removed the doubles plus 20 other cards.
Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game The PDF has 2 pages, print them both out. All you’ll need is some scissors, glue and some card or stiff paper for backing – I used scrapbook paper.

For printing in colour (or greyscale) PDF – 2 pages


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game Roughly cut around the cards so you don’t end up wasting glue then glue each page onto your backing.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game All that’s left to do is to cut out all the cards.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Game If you haven’t played dominoes before then the basic rules are as follows:

Each played takes 7 dominoes from the pile.
One extra domino is turned faced up on the table to start the game.
Players take turns to make the pathway longer by placing matching symbols together.
each symbol can only be matched once.
If a player is unable to take a turn they must pick up another domino to add to their pile.
The winner is the first to get rid of all their dominoes or the one with the least left when the pile is gone.



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