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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Story


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Today’s hero is The Pharaoh, he shows us the gift of God’s signs.

Essential Teachers notes:
We join this story part way through, Moses has seen the burning bush and travelled back to Egypt. His brother Aaron is now by his side and it’s his voice that the Pharaoh hears and his staff that performs miracles. I’ve deliberately missed the staff turning into a snake part of this story but feel free to add it in if you wish though it’s quite a long story already. It’s pharaohs reactions that drive this story and his decision when it will end, that’s why he is the hero. I’ve provided flashcards for the retelling if you wish to download them:

Plagues cardsFor printing in full colour PDF – 2 pages
For printing in outline only PDF – 2 pages

Main Passage : Exodus 7-12


Moses walked up the steps to the palace, his brother Aaron by his side trying not to look nervous. Moses pointed to one side where the steps flattened, two young children sat in the shade of the wall playing with something on the ground. “I used to sit there as a child” said Moses, “I wonder what they are playing?” The palace hadn’t changed a lot in the 40 years he’d been away. In the throne room, sat on a a raised platform was the Pharaoh, he obviously wasn’t pleased to see them. Moses waited for the sign they could speak then he looked at Aaron “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: “Let my people go.” came Aaron’s voice loud and clear. The pharaoh sighed, “Show me some sign of this God, who is he that I should obey him?” he replied.

The next morning Moses and Aaron waited for the Pharaoh by the river. When he came down to bathe he saw them there. As the Pharaoh got into the water Aaron shouted “The Lord God, has sent me to say to you: Let my people go. But until now you have not listened. You ask for signs to know that I am the Lord: With this staff I will strike the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood.” Then Aaron lifted his staff and the water turned red. The Pharaoh was covered in blood and not happy.

His people complained, the river smelt terrible, the fish died, but nothing would change the Pharaohs mind. A week later Pharaoh was out in the morning when he heard Aaron’s voice again shout ; “Let my people go, if you refuse, I will send a plague of frogs on your whole country.” the Pharaoh ignored him so Aaron lifted his staff above the water and our jumped more frogs that you have ever seen. There were frogs in the throne room, frogs in the beds, frogs in the pots and the dishes. “Get rid of them” cried the Pharaoh but still more came. “Call Moses” he shouted frustrated. When Moses and Aaron arrived the Pharaoh told them to remove the frogs and he would let them go. The next day the frogs had all disappeared but the Pharaoh had lied.

So God kept sending more signs. The next time Aaron hit the ground so hard that gnats flew everywhere, and they just kept coming. Gnats covered the animals, the people, every surface seemed to be covered, even the ground under their feet. Pharaoh’s advisers told him it was a sign from heaven but still the Pharaoh said no to Moses and Aaron. After the gnats came flies and again Pharaoh lied saying he would let the people go if Moses took them away.

The Egyptians started to talk about the plagues, how many more would they suffer. They warned Pharaoh that the plagues would get worse but still he did not change his mind. The following day the animals the Egyptians owned started to die. The horses, donkeys, camels, sheep and goats. The pharaoh noticed that the only people who lost no animals were the Hebrew slaves but still he would not let them go. Next came itchy boils, hail that was so hard it ruined the crops in the field and took every leaf off the trees, and locusts that ate everything they could find. The pharaoh’s people and officials started to beg Pharaoh to let Moses and his people go, but he wouldn’t.

Then came 3 days of darkness. By torchlight the Pharaoh called for Moses to come see him. He tried to bargain with Moses, tried to get Moses to leave the animals behind, but Moses knew now that when the people left it would be forever, nothing was to be left behind. When Moses said no, so did Pharaoh – “Get out of my sight!” he shouted at Moses “Make sure you do not appear before me again! The day you see my face you will die.” “I will not come again” relied Moses and he left the palace.

God told Moses there would be one final plague. He sent instructions to God’s people to prepare their things to leave and for a feast. On the 14th night they must roast a lamb and use some of it’s blood to mark the door frames of their houses. That mark would protect those inside the house from the terrible plague. At midnight God would send his angel and the first born in every family would die. The firstborn of Pharaoh and the firstborn of the prisoner, the firstborn of all the household animals as well. The whole of Egypt cried that night for everyone lost someone they loved. The pharaoh told Moses to “go, take your people and animals and leave”. The Egyptian people gave them gifts of gold, silver and fine cloth, anything to make them leave, for they were scared they would all die. And God’s people left with rejoicing for they were no longer slaves but free.

Today’s hero is The Pharaoh, he shows us the gift of God’s signs.


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