Using Character Images


Recognising the character in a story is a big part of how the bible comes to life for the youngsters. On JWL I try and give a brightly coloured, clear image for each character or story, if you chose to use that image or a different one, it doesn’t matter, but having a visual link will help the children identify with the characters strengths, weaknesses and importantly their journey through the story and their encounter with God.

Here is a mini directory of ways you can extend the use of the hero character through the lesson.

salt dough – make a batch, give the kids a picture and see if they can create it. great for visual and kinetics learners.

puzzle – print the picture onto card and cut along the black lines – great for a hide and seek style game, quiz answers and a craft with the very young.

3D image – print out the character a few times and separate the various parts. use foam tape to separate layers and build a picture.

standing characters – use this template from Stephen to add a small stand to your characters, build a scene with them to tell the story.

Puppets – try attaching a character to a paper bag and turn it into a hand puppet, or use the standing characters but remove the bottom of the stand and have finger puppets.

Masks – the images can be blown up large and printed onto card to turn into masks. cut round the hair and the chin and add an elastic strap (like Mary’s crowns).

sticker on craft – incorporate them into other crafts by just printing and sticking it on (like Gideon’s horn)

colouring page – it’s overdone, and yet many kids still like having a colouring page as an expansion activity.

image transfer – make an object that incorporates your character by printing the image on T-shirt (or rub-on) transfer paper and add it to a T-shirt, baseball cap, flag, notebook, or stone.

wooden characters – if you want to splurge then I ordered some characters out of wood, they work out about £0.50 each and they are great to add into craft, paint or colour in with pens as pictured.

This is a post in development, an ideas library I hope to add to, both with pictures as I use the ideas and with further ideas.



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