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Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 2

This little scene is rather detailed, it shows the lavish kings tent where David would play to soothe the king. This craft is best for those who have good cutting skills and I’d recommend you reading all the instructions first to see if there is anything you wish to do in advance or omit from the craft. Servant David craft 2

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Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Worksheet

 Servant David worksheet
This worksheet for the Servant David lesson recaps the story in parts, examining David’s motives and feelings as we move through. It looks at talents and how we can use our talents for God’s service. The sheet ends by exploring ways we can serve in the coming week.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to write with and something to colour with.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Games


Most bible passages and stories depict very ordinary people experiencing a very extraordinary God, but this one is quite the opposite. A secret king in waiting, living a very ordinary life, is spotted as a good musician and brought before the king to soothe his woes. These games look at the power that music held and the willingness of David to serve.

Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | Games

Name that tune – A super simple game that just requires any musician or a CD of backing tracks, at a push you could just hum the melody of songs. Play in teams if you have a lot of children, have them call out or write down the answer. Link to David being a very skilled musician.

Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | GamesServant David (1 Samuel 16) | Games

Name-beat – for this game you will need the children’s names written out. Look closely at the child’s name and turn them into a drum beat by counting the number of lines in each letter. Have the children start by clapping their name – eg KATE = 3324, ADAM = 3234. Once you have worked out a child’s beat have the whole group join in then move to the next child’s name. Most music relies on a sense of rhythm and the majority of us are blessed with this skill, though some children may struggle, so try to work as a group to ‘mask’ this.

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Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1

At JWL we love paper-crafts that move to reveal something else, and this blinds design suits the strings of Davids harp / lyre perfectly. Add a memory verse to the outside if you want a craft with more teaching application. Servant David craft 1

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Preparing to Teach : Servant David

Servant David

Quick notes:

Most bible passages and stories depict very ordinary people experiencing a very extraordinary God, but this one is quite the opposite. A secret king in waiting, living a very ordinary life, is spotted as a good musician and brought before the king to sooth his woes.

Saul is taken with David, he wants him to remain nearby and bestows on him the honour of carrying his armour.

David is anointed but not as king, rather as a chosen one, the elect of God. His anointing was not meant as a threat to Saul and his kingship would not begin for at least another decade.

David remains so unmemorable to the king that when faced with Goliath in the next chapter the king does not even remember his name.

Names you need to know

Samuel – the great judge and prophet (pretty quiet around now)

David – means beloved, youngest son of 8, anointed king, spirit filled

Jesse – David’s dad (we don’t know who mum was)

Saul – The present king, who’d messed up so God had left him

Armor-bearer – This is a title such as lord or knight, it was literally the one who carried the kings armour and was a great honour, though not an exclusive one.

Historical significance

King Saul is being afflicted by an evil spirit send by God. Samuel had left him, God had left him and the thought must have crossed him mind that his kingship may be taken from him too. Meanwhile the region is not actively at war but is far from stable, it’s pretty safe to assume his ‘court’ would have been rather unsettled right now. The calming power of music, an idea by what must have been a desperate attendant, is grasped upon swiftly and a hunt ensues.

infographic-david-good book companyEnter David, a youngster not fully grown. Saul, who is supposed to be quite imposing, would tower over him. Filled with Gods spirit by a rush of wind at his anointing by Samuel, David is not only godly, but handsome, strong and brave, plus a good speaker – all kingly qualities, but also ones that make him memorable by the kings servants. Samuel had gone to Bethlehem with the rouse of sacrificing a cow, anointing David in the presence of his brothers. Apart from a few prominent townspeople, David’s destiny was not common knowledge. It’s clear Saul had no idea who it was he was inviting into his presence, becasue it’s pretty safe to assume Saul would have killed him.

Instead David is given a small glimpse at what is to come. A chance to witness how a king lives, rules, and is treated by his subjects. He’s here to work, his kingly qualities qualifying him as a perfect kings servant. For to him the notion of his kingship is merely a promise, not a title to be taken. Soon he’s sending letters home to Jesse, signed with the kings seal. David’s given an intimate position of Armour bearer, one that shows great trust and honour. Yet the irony can’t be lost, the most direct preparation for his kingship comes through the lowliest of reasons – while being the youngest and least important son sent to guard the sheep, he had taken his harp or lyre to pass the hours. David who sings to his lambs and serenades the hillsides is now playing those same tunes for the most powerful man in his world.

Then the passage ends, leaving us thinking that Saul had come to love David, to give him a permanent position… but that’s not the case. The next chapter starts and David is back to being a shepherd and when David fights the Goliath Saul is unsure of his identity. It’s a point of contention, some claim David would have been brought into a darkened tent with a confused king, too deluded to really comprehend the musician, others argue the early stories of David are by no means in chronological order. More simple arguments wonder if David had aged and would look different from a distance, perhaps Saul had grown tired of David’s songs of a God who had abandoned the king, perhaps the evil spirit had calmed and David was called upon less frequently of late. Whatever the reason Saul and David are not so close as chapter 16 alone may lead one to believe.

If you want to put David’s like in context there is a great info-graphic by the good book company. (Pictured in small here)

Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Servant David (1 Samuel 16).
Each hero set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(Please note : these images have no watermark but are not copyright free, they are only intended for classroom use.)




67-Servant David67-Servant David




67-Servant David no shield67-Servant David no shield


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Story

Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Story 
If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

Today’s hero is the Servant David because he shows us the gift of Talents

Essential Teachers notes:
The young David is a great example to children at excellence, whatever he does he seems to do well and to the glory of God. At this point of the story very little is required of him, and yet what he gives is not merely service and music but a soothing presence.

Main Passage : 1 Samuel 16
Additional passages : 1 Samuel 17, 1 Corinthians 10

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