Holy Week | Review


This is the review of the five day mini series exploring holy week. Each day a small activity was linked to an event from the days leading up to Easter.

Review – The five days and how we can use them.

The five days journeying to the cross is a resource that can be used in a wide range of ways. Each days activities need almost no preparation and can be resourced easily.

At the end of the short activity there is a small card that could be collected to form a ladder or garland. These are available for purchase in the TPT shop

The 5 days could be used as a whole teaching session, as interactive parts to an Easter labyrinth, with children in a Sunday or midweek group, with seekers, or with families.

The 5 days could be used individually as a 5 minute family devotion, as an activity for the children during the holy week services, or as an unsupervised table in an open church building.

Easter and Christmas are the two central celebrations of our faith, understanding their meaning is central to understanding Christianity.
That God came and made himself man, that he lived a blameless life, that he was wrongly put to death, that through his death the price was paid for our salvation, and that he defeated death on the third day are all concepts that need to be taught.

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