Holy Week | Day 5

holyweekThis is the fifth and last in a five day mini series exploring holy week. Each day a small activity is linked to an event from the days leading up to Easter.

DAY 5 – Good Friday : Today we are looking at the nails of the cross

holy week Friday

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For today’s activity you will need a pin-board or piece of thick scrap cardboard, some push-pins, some plain white paper, paintbrushes or sponges and a stain (red paint, ink, I used beetroot juice).

Give the youngsters a small piece of clean white paper. Have them place it on the pin-board and make a cross using the pins.
Once the crosses are made paint or stamp over them with your stain.
(encourage the children not to get the paper too wet)

Have the children slowly remove the pins from their paper to reveal the cross shape they made. More creative crosses will make beautiful patterns.

Tell the following story in your own words.

Jesus was like our clean white sheet of paper, he had lived a perfect life. On Good Friday people lied about Jesus and paid crowds to shout. The leaders got scared and agreed to kill him. Just like the white sheet of paper they nailed Jesus to a cross, that really hurt, and he died. Jesus had died for a reason, to take all the bad things onto him, like the red stain. He removed all the things separating us from God. Even though things looked dark Jesus had brought light, just like removing our pins. But, his friends didn’t know that yet!

Jesus’s friends were sad because they only saw the beautiful white paper destroyed, but we know what happens next.

Lord Jesus, we are sad you died, please be with all people who are sad today. Amen



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