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Holy Week | Day 3

holyweekThis is the third in a five day mini series exploring holy week. Each day a small activity is linked to an event from the days leading up to Easter.

DAY 3 – Wednesday : Today we are looking at the woman with the alabaster jar.

holy week Wednesday

These resources have been updated to print – each day is a single page.
You can grab the printable pages over in the TPT shop – perfect for send home boxes.
Each page contains the original resources below plus more.

There is also a version of the resources specially for Preschool and toddlers.

For those not using the above printout – for today’s activity you will need the pdf printout, some perfume, and some colouring pens.

Give the youngsters the maze sheet, read the rules and ask them to complete the task.
(answer pictured below, click on image for a bigger view)
Holy Week | Day 3
Holy Week | Day 3 Ask the youngsters what they thought the perfume the lady bought smelt like.

Put a single drop of perfume onto each youngsters maze paper or hand.

Tell the following story in your own words.

Holy Week | Day 3

Holy Week | Day 3

Jesus knew that the time he would die was soon. When people died they would be covered in sweet smelling oils. A woman came into the house where Jesus was and knelt down by his feet. She took out a beautiful alabaster jar filled with perfume and poured it all over Jesus’ head. Jesus’ friends were upset. The money the lady spent on the perfume could have been given to the poor. But Jesus thanked the woman because he knew she had done something special. She had helped prepare him for his death

Holy Week | Day 3 The lady didn’t know that she was preparing Jesus for his death, she just wanted to show him how special she thought he was.

Lord Jesus, thank you for people who do great acts of kindness to honour those around them. Amen


button holeAlternatively:
Use the Mary perfume craft of making button holes.
These perfumed pieces will carry the scent with you through the day.
Image linked.


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