Lent Walk


This is a special Lent theme solo post.

Lent is the lead up to Easter. It lasts for 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (Sundays are not included in the tally) and represents the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert. To follow Lent is very much a personal choice.

While advent is about preparing our minds with the big story starting from the beginning and leading up to Jesus, Lent is about preparing out hearts to engage with the Jesus that we see in holy week, the confusing God-man, the one who invited us into a radical new way of loving, the one who really did take up his own cross and walk, leading the way for us to do likewise.

It’s not a new idea, but sadly my purse strings didn’t stretch for the beautiful wooden ones.
NOTE, the pictures are of my original.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, glue, a hole punch, some sturdy card (I used a pizza box) and the PDF printout. The pdf has the path, the solo cross, the stand and the people with a cross.

If you are doing this for a church then print the page as a poster and paste onto the side of a large box.

For printing with No colour PDF – 1 page


Paste the paper or papers onto the printed side of the cardboard and cut out. remove the thick black line to create the spiral. If you are laying it flat use the stand to make the middle rise and glue in place. Use a small craft hole punch to remove where each hole indicates.

I chose to use a graphic that has 2 people carrying the cross, one to represent Jesus and the other to represent the person using the walk.


Each day you move the person one step closer to the cross. Each day you pause to pray or think or read a scripture. Alternatively it could just be purely a visual for you to see Easter approaching.




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