Holy Week | BONUS craft

This is a little bonus craft I made up for my friends over at Velvet Ashes. It’s added here as it’s simple enough to do with any age group.

Holy Week bonus image

To make this craft you will need the one size template image (PDF LINK), scissors, and some cardstock or cardboard pieces. A thicker card is better, but it would also work with just about any flat materials: colored paper, scrapbook paper, craft foam, fabric etc.

Holy Week template image

Place the template over the card and draw over the lines to leave an impression on the card below.
Work from the back of the image cutting out each piece by following the coluors of the rainbow or cut out everything and then assemble (do the latter if you don’t have a color printer).
Glue the pieces together – there is only one order that works so you can’t “get it wrong!”



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