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Holy Week | Day 1

holyweekThis is the first in a five day mini series exploring holy week. Each day a small activity is linked to an event from the days leading up to Easter.

DAY 1 – Monday : Today we are looking at Jesus’s actions when he went into the temple and saw the money changers.

holy week Monday

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For today’s activity you will need some coins, a post-it note, something to write with (or letter stamp set) and some scissors.

Lightly fold the post-it note so you can identify the sticky part and stamp or write the letters for the word prayer.
Holy Week | Day 1
Holy Week | Day 1 Cut round the letters and attach to the coins. You may want to attach x’s to the remaining coins.

Give the children the coins with the letters face down. Ask them to describe the meaning attached to coins. Then get them to turn the coins over and find the word ‘prayer’.

Tell the following story in your own words.

Holy Week | Day 1

Holy Week | Day 1

When Jesus reached the temple it looked a bit like a market. People were changing their coins for special temple coins, and buying special temple things. Jesus got angry, people were making a lot of money with their special temple businesses. Jesus turned over the tables sending the special temple goods and the coins flying all over the place. He shouted the scripture “My house will be called a house of prayer” but you are making it “a den of robbers”.

Holy Week | Day 1 When we turned over our coins we discovered what Jesus wanted to see. Put the coins to one side and say a prayer.

Lord please help us to remember that your house is for worshipping you, please help us keep it special. Amen


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