Holy Week | Day 2

holyweekThis is the second in a five day mini series exploring holy week. Each day a small activity is linked to an event from the days leading up to Easter.

DAY 2 – Tuesday : Today we are looking at Jesus’s parable in response to his friends questions.

holy week Tuesday

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For today’s activity you will need some small candles (real or electric), some dough, a rolling pin and a suitable knife. Alternatively; thick card, glue and some colouring instruments (optional).

Make or source your favourite dough and roll it out (or use heavy card) and cut the shape of an oil lamp. This is like a fat tear shape with a small rectangle handle at the round end.
Give the youngsters the shape and a candle. They could decorate their oil lamp to identify that it is theirs.

Attach the candle by pushing into the centre of the dough or gluing it onto the card or hardened dough.

Make sure the candle is lit then tell the following story in your own words.

Jesus’s friends thought something big was about to happen. They asked Jesus what the end of time would be like. Jesus started to tell many parables. He told them there were 10 bridesmaids waiting for the wedding. 5 bridesmaids were wise and bought extra oil for their lamps, when the groom arrived the 5 foolish bridesmaids had gone to find more oil. When they came to the party the groom sent them away. Jesus was telling his friends to be prepared because they would not be told the time the end would come.

We know that Jesus has promised to return, we don’t know when, but we need to be ready to greet him.

Lord Jesus, please help us to be ready for you when you call us. Amen



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